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10 Tips For Choosing a Web Host

Before you choose your next web hosting package such as at, you should stop and run through a checklist to make certain you're getting whatever you want. Here is a list of 10 things to look out for:

Geolocation - If you are aiming to get a Geographically targeted crowd - make sure you host in the right state - if you are aiming to get a UK market - then host in the UK. Some popular hosting companies in the United Kingdom host in Germany and Sweden - so do not take it for granted.

Server: Apache or IIS will be the principal choices. In case you're migrating from a web hosting company to the next, it is probably wise to stick to the same server type in case you have some server-side processing - unless you have allowed for added time and cost in your budget

Scripting: PHP, ASP, MySQL, Perl, SSI. Should you've used a scripting genius who is the leading expert in his area in PHP - do not give him ASP to deal with. If you'd like your host to send email automatically when activities occur, PHP provides a very straightforward control for it. If you want a superior information base - test to see if MySQL is included in the bundle.

Disc Space: How much disk space do you get? Is It sufficient?

Server Up Time: A Great reason that sites underperform SEO-wise is the server reliability - if the server is down whenever the robots come around to check the site - it isn't going to be rightly indexed.

Control Panel - does it offer a flexible control Panel which allows you to configure items like email reports.

Email - what does the email package includes - is it as flexible as you need - can you obtain all mail forwarded to an admin account?

Subdomains - sometimes it's good to be able to establish a subdomain - for example if you want forums on your website, e.g., Does the control panel permit you to do so? Does this cost extra?

Help Desk - How available is it? Can you contact them? Is it 24/7?

SSL - Have you got requirements to collect secure data on your site? So - do you want to set up an SLL? Can the hosting company provide you this?

There are of course many other factors - like can you create more than 1 FTP account? The price? If you already have to host you may want to check who else is hosted on your server, using reverse DNS Lookup, so it is possible to make certain you aren't hosted in a bad neighborhood.